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Dr. Linda Rasooly, Ph.D- Supervisor

Linda Rasooly is the GMP supervisor of the GMP facility of the Hadassah University Hospital. Dr. Rasooly is involved in overseeing the production of biological therapies for Phase I, II and III clinical trials by private companies that obtain the services of the facility for GMP compliant manufacturing processes. As part of her work Dr. Rasooly provides preventive maintenance, technician training for the companies and the facility, maintaining all activities in compliance with GMP regulations, writing required documentation and protocols and all other activities necessary for the GMP grade manufacturing processes.

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Dr. Yelena Vakhnin, Ph.D- facility engineer

Yelena Vakhnin is the facility engineer for the GMP facility of the Hadassah University Hospital. All equipment maintenance and calibration and validation processes are performed under her supervision. In addition, Yelena is a crucial participant in all documentation writing and regulatory audits. Changes and additions of equipment and structure of the GMP facility are performed under her guidance.

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Mr. Haim Ben Simon- Technician

Haim is the laboratory technician for the GMP facility. He is in charge of providing equipment and materials to the private companies working in the facility. In addition he is the cleaning and sterilization supervisor in the facility as well as following and performing all microbiological sampling in all areas of the facility. Haim works with the groups and provides all necessary support and guidance to ensure GMP compliant production takes place in the facility.

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